What are the weirdest traditions around the world?!!!!

.The magical dough

in Syria, there is tradition after wedding , they shout dough on the door and it the dough was sticky the marriage will .be good and it will be still for long time ,but if the dough dropped the marriage is very bad and will divorce soon

Throwing cinnamon at single people in Denmark

When you turn 25 years old, are unmarried and celebrating it in Denmark , you will have a large shout of cinnamon on your birthday,If that isn’t already bad enough, you should see what happens 5 years later when you turn 30 and you still haven’t been married. The spice is upgrated to pepper!

Eating the dead’s ash Carrying the wife over burning coals

some tribes in Amazon to remember their ancestors eat their ashes .

Carrying the wife over burning coals

Chinese tribes believe that this practice would help the wife have painless labor. And some believe that walking over burning coals prevents natural disasters.Some choose to do this as the husband and wife take their first step into their new home and some choose to do it when they know that the wife is pregnant.

Camel Wrestling

in Turkey,Two male camels are led out in front of a female camel, and the winner will get its prize. No interference by humans is allowed, Something positive: The camels usually don’t get hurt and it’s not a life or death event as for instance with cockfighting.

Enter the building by your Right foot for good luck.

in Arabian Countries, when you enter your shop or your home by your right foot first you will gain a good luck in this building.

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