Who was the strangest dictator in human history? who is Nicolae Ceaușescu one of the weirdest dictator in 20th century!!!

Nicolae Ceaușescu was president of Romania between 1974 to 1989, he was the strangest president in Warsaw Agreement. He destroyed all International relations with his allies and his Police was very brutal, killing everyone who went against him.

Whenever he fell into debt, he would order the export of all of his resources and food to clear his debts resulting in Romania suffering greatly from starvation. This led to a revolution against him.

Like other megalomaniac dictators, Ceausescu was fond of giving himself titles such as “Conducător” (“Leader”) and “Geniul din Carpați” (“The Genius of the Carpathians”). By 1974, he created an executive presidency and even had a scepter made for himself like a king.

Among some of his more outlandish actions, Ceausescu destroyed 19 churches, six synagogues and 30,000 homes to build a palace to himself that required the work of some 700 architects at a cost of $10 billion. Even after its completion when it became a venue for Romania’s Parliament, less than half of the building was used.

Finally he was executed while singing the hymn of the communist countries “Long live the Socialist Republic of Romania! History will revenge me!”.

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